1. Older drawing from my sketchbook.


  2. Dog from my sketchbook.


  3. Small scribble. I like how it turned out…


  4. Collage of some sketches I made on postits or scribble paper.


  5. I prepared some posts with sketches that will be postet automatically by tumblr every day. So there will be more regular updates than normal :P Have some nice summer days and thanks for following!


  6. I drew some butterflies. I’ll use them as a part of one illustration for the fifth element artbook.


  7. Drawing from my sketchbook.


  8. Sketching some things. More on this later!


  9. Another drawing from my sketchbook.


  10. This was the first drawing I made for the Fifth Element Artbook Project. It’s not my final illustration for the book but was a start to ge in to the topic. My final illustrations will probably be different from this style but I think I should have stayed with this one, I like how it turned out… More infroamtion about the Artbook here!