1. The last season, winter. Maybe I’ll make some more of those soon. Hope you like it!


  2. Season number three, autumn. I’m glad there are still some sunny days so I can go swimming. This was by the way the first drawing of the series I made.


  3. Here’s the next season. Summer! I take sketch requests till sunday, so you can still contact me at contact@kaischuettler.com.


  4. In the moment I’m working on new stuff for my portfolio, especially illustrations for cardboard picture books because some publishers ask for it. This is a little series about the seasons, and as you can see (hopefully) here’s spring time. The second picture shows the original drawing without color, drawn with black pencil. The third picture shows my crappy sketch. I kept it very rough and simple this time and traced the drawing from that sketch directly on my light table. Worked quiet well and I’ll try some more things with that technique. Saves time and keeps the drawing dynamic. The other seasons will follow soon! :-)


  5. WIP of something I’m working on in the moment. Some new Portfolio stuff…


  6. I take sketch requests till the end of the week. Just click on “Ask me anything” or contact me at contact@kaischuettler.com.


  7. Bad guy sketch in pink. Just for fun :-)


  8. kaischuettler:

    Hey everyone, I have a bit of freetime and thought some of you might be interested in getting an original sketch. For 40€+shipping I draw nearly everything you want. Every drawing will be on A5 Size paper, drawn with pencil, color pencils and watercolors. Send your requests to my ask-box or use my mail to contact me: contact@kaischuettler.com.

    Hope to get some cool stuff to draw, soon!




  9. Wilfred finished. Great show! I’m still taking sketch requests, check out my previous posts :-)


  10. Here is a photo of the buttons. Each one has a slightly different color. Order an original sketch now and you’ll get a free button :-) Check out my previous posts for more information and please share this post so a lot of people will see it! Thanks to everyone!