1. Little sketch experiment…


  2. Here’s the Hendrix drawing without color. I used a Pitt Oil Base Pencil for this one.


  3. Quick Portrait, hope it’s recognizable. Jimi Hendrix.


  4. Last Illustrator illustration for now. Back to “normal” stuff!


  5. Finished another illustration in Illustrator. This one took me quiet long. I made alot of adjustments and tried to use only straight lines, except for some details and the blood. Working in illustrator is much different than drawing or painting, it’s more like constructing a picture and you have to be very precisely. The final touches like the texture were added in Photoshop because I don’t like it when it’s too clean. I need some rough parts too. This was planed to be a tribute to the great music of one of my most favorite bands, Bon Iver. Now it’s finished it turned out very agressive. Hope some of you can relate it to the music anyway :-)


  6. Another Illustrator illustration. And again, the texture was added later in Photoshop. Expect more like this…


  7. I colored that raccoon drawing I posted some weeks ago!


  8. Finally finished my fifth element illustrations :-) Time for something new now…


  9. Close to finish the illustrations for the fifth element artbook. I tried to reinterprate the characters a bit and I’m happy how this alien guy turned out. More about the artbook and the final illustrations soon.


  10. I’m working on different stuff because I want to learn some new things and techniques. This one was done with Illustrator and after that I added a texture in Photoshop. I think I’ll do some more stuff with illustrator so I get more used to the program. In the moment it’s not very comfortable to work with but this picture helped me to figure some things out.