1. Last but not least, a little raccoon. I think I’ll color it later. That’s it for now with my holiday sketch-posts but I hope to update soon with some finished work!


  2. Some Pugs!


  3. A little tree witch from Adventure Time. There is an hilarious episode with her , I think in season one or two…


  4. Some small character sketches I made during my last Characterdesing evening course I was teaching.


  5. Guy with mad dog from my sketchbook.


  6. Older drawing from my sketchbook.


  7. Dog from my sketchbook.


  8. Small scribble. I like how it turned out…


  9. Collage of some sketches I made on postits or scribble paper.


  10. I prepared some posts with sketches that will be postet automatically by tumblr every day. So there will be more regular updates than normal :P Have some nice summer days and thanks for following!