1. Some little drawings for a project I worked on about two weeks ago. I’ll post more of it soon!


  2. Vintage cartoon guys. Maybe I’ll make some more in the near future…


  3. Sample illustration for a job. I didn’t got it… maybe it was the meat bucket.


  4. This one was a small sketch for a logo-job I just finished (more about that later). I liked the character so I traced the drawing and added some color for fun.


  5. 122391 said: Hi! I hope you don't mind that I wrote stuff for your picture... its really great and I just loved it a lot heh

    Not at all, thats great. I’m glad you like the picture :-) The text is very nice! First time someone wrote something inspired by my illustrations. Best wishes,


  6. 122391:

    once upon a time there was a man who grew gardens on his head. he wore a blue hat the color of the sky and planted seeds in its seams. He wore it when it rained so the seeds could root, and he wore it when the sun shined, so the flowers could bloom. as time went on, the hat bent out of shape and the blue lost its radiance, but the man sewed bright patches over the broken fabric, and the hat grew in character. so lovely was this hat that it attracted nature wherever it went. trees bent a little lower to drop their acorns and their pinecones into the crevices of his hat, hoping they may grow there. squirrels came and tended the seeds, bees came and pollinated the flowers, and birds came to sing love songs in this small, moving, growing forest. 

    the man loved his hat, and the hat loved the man. 

    when the hat grew lush with life and became much too heavy for the man’s head, he took it off and planted it in a lonely place in hopes that even a small breath of life would awaken an entire stretch of darkness. years later, when he returned to check (with a new hat-garden perched on top of his head), he saw (with wonder) how forests could be born from such small and ordinary places.   

    Thank you! :-) You wrote that text for my picture?

    (Source: kaischuettler)


  7. Another sketch_dailies. Hermione Granger.


  8. Lots of work to finish, so for the meantime here’s another sketch_dailies: Mary Poppins


  9. Here’s another one from my Sketch_Dailies drawings. Debbie Thornberrie from the show The Wild Thornberrys!


  10. In the last time I made some drawings for @Sketch_Dailies on twitter.  Topic for this one was “baby-me”. Chubby baby-me eating spinach!