1. Another wip from today…


  2. This is the sketch for the poster I just finished. As you can see, I keep it very rough :P Stay tuned for the final!


  3. Here’s one more from my sketchbook!


  4. Working on some sketches and close to finish two bigger projects…


  5. Working on the typography for my new poster. Will be finished soon!


  6. Still working on that large drawing. Lot of things to color. But I’m close to finish the basic colors :-)


  7. Sorry, I don’t have much I can post in the moment. Here’s a little WIP of a large drawing I’m working on.


  8. Hello new followers! Thanks everyone and I’m super close to hit the 2000 followers, which is awesome. You are great :-)I had fun with these guys. This is the last one from the series.


  9. Frogs with flutes. You can still buy prints with 20% off, your chance :-)

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